We have talked a lot about the tools and equipment that you would need when working as a dog groomer. What we haven’t talked about yet is what you need in the office itself. What are the administration type tools that would be essential in a salon or, for that matter, in managing a mobile grooming business?

You might prefer hard copies of everything or you might prefer to go the tech route and set yourself up with some pretty nifty salon management software. Either way, you will want to have some cute, eye-catching reminder cards to send home with your repeat clients:

Dog Groomer Grooming Personalized Appointment Cards

So, let’s see what is available on both sides of the ledger when shopping at Amazon.

Dog Grooming Appointment Books

What we need in an appointment book is a tool that will help us to stick to time, be totally organised and be able to see at a glance how busy the coming week is and in particular, what openings exist for booking return client visits.

An up-to-date appointment book allows you to send out reminders a few days beforehand. It also allows you to schedule future days off to reward yourself with a break or a holiday.

The right kind of dog grooming appointment book will usually be set out in 15 minute segments so that you can offer the dog owner some degree of flexibility. Perhaps they cannot come in at 2:00 in the afternoon but would prefer 2:15 for example. 

The following version would be suitable for any pet grooming salon be it a dog or cat customer.

Dog Grooming Appointment Book Pet Hairdresser: Daily Appointment Planner Organizer For Small Business, Pet Dog Cat Grooming Service. 2 Column of Time … (Appointment Book Daily Hourly) (Volume 1)


Dog Grooming Appointment Book Dog Collection: Daily Appointment Organizer, Dog Hairdressers, 15 Minute Slots Schedule Appointment Book For Salons, … Includes notes section at the back (Volume 2)


Dog Grooming Appointment Book: Dog Hairdressers Daily Appointment Organizer, 15 Minute Slots Schedule Appointment Book For Salons, Spas, Dogs, etc Includes notes section at the back (Volume 4)

Pet Salon Management Software

The right kind of software can definitely make your admin tasks much more manageable. A simple spreadsheet could be what you are looking for but then you do need to have some expertise to set it up effectively with formulas etc. 

The following provides you with a business plan that can be used for a dog grooming business or for a kennel business. 

Dog Grooming and Kennel Company Business Plan – MS Word/Excel

The following software also includes an appointment facility, a scheduler, a module to keep track of groomers as well as clients and a reporting function.

Pet Grooming Software

The following Business Plan could be used for either a cat or a dog grooming service and includes financial worksheets,

Dog & Cat Grooming Service Business Plan Bundle

And finally here is a nifty, popular software package that can be used for scheduling and general management of business projects:

SchedulePro Project Management and Scheduling Software; Calendar Software, Windows PCs

More Business Cards for Grooming Salons

Amazon is a great source for a whole variety of cute business cards for grooming salons as well as mobile grooming businesses.

For example, how cute is this set of appointment cards:

Dog And Cat Grooming Personalized Appointment Cards

But there is no shortage of irresistible pet business cards that can be personalized. See what I mean by checking out these cute options:

Customize YOUR COMPANY Dog Pet Groomer Loyalty Punch Business Cards Personalized with your business info (100)


Groomer Grooming Dog Personalized Business Cards


Groomer Grooming Cute Dog Personalized Business Cards

Have fun choosing your own style of cute branding for your dog grooming business. The right choice will appeal visually as well as facilitating better management practices. 


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